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  • Technology Services

Social Command Centers

Today’s mobile and social consumers are forcing enterprises to move at the speed of social or risk losing their business to competitors. We give our clients the ability to manage crises, product launches, marketing campaigns, and overall brand health through our real-time scalable social command centers

Technology Integration

Marketers and brand managers find themselves increasingly working with a myriad of technology and marketing platforms that neither align nor integrate with each other. Brand Nexus works with an alliance of technology partners to help clients integrate marketing automation, CRM, web and social platforms

Data Services

Big Data without proper management, integration and storage is meaningless. Brand Nexus works with clients to obtain and store unstructured social databases from multiple sources—and integrate these databases with existing, more traditional, structured data

Crunch or Be Crunched: Data Rules the World

” Given the sheer volume of marketing data out there, you can’t afford not to have a data-mining strategy. Data are at the core of today’s technology revolution. Every day we create 2.5 quintillion (1018) bytes of data – so much that 90 percent of the world’s...
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How Marketers Can Do More with Less

n today’s faltering economy, marketers are under pressure to do more with less and make every dollar count. As profits evaporate and corporate budgets are slashed, marketing programs built solely on beautiful creative or humor are unlikely to make it pass the drawing board. CEOs...
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Five Amazing Viral Ads Videos

The chances of a viral ad becoming an effective brand vehicle are similar to those of a high-school basketball student making it into the NBA. By the way, viral ads are those that propagate through email and/or social networks rather than paid media channels. Here are five viral...
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