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  • Social Business Consultants

    Creating value at the crossroads of social media, big data and technology
  • Analytics & Research

    Translating social data into actionable business insights
  • Strategy & Transformation

    Navigating and mastering the social ecosystem
  • Social Media Certification

    Driving growth by creating a smarter workforce
  • Technology Services

    Social technologies that increase productivity and drive business innovation
Analytics & Research
From customer segmentation to performance reporting, we provide you with timely and actionable social business intelligence
Strategy & Transformation
We provide you with the strategies, tools and guidelines necessary to navigate a rapidly changing global social media landscape
Social Media Training
Brand Nexus trains your marketing, HR, sales and customer service teams to be effective community manager, social strategist or analyst
Technology Integration
Through an alliance of partners, we guide you through the selection, deployment and integration of social technology and data solutions

Brand Health Studies

The objective of our brand tracking studies is to understand a brand’s health by analyzing social channel behavior and conversation data

Global Roadmaps

Brand Nexus’ helps brands navigate a myriad of social networks and platforms across multiple countries and markets throughout the world

Social Media Certifications

We offer the only truly professional and independent social media certification program for strategists, community managers and data analysts

Performance Reporting

We help clients allocate and optimize their marketing investment by measuring the social effectiveness of traditional and social campaigns

Social Command Centers

Manage crises, live events, product launches and overall brand health through our real-time scalable social command centers

Social Business Playbooks

Our playbooks give you the guidelines to navigate your social landscape—whether you operate within a small social community or a highly regulated industry

About Us

Brand Nexus is a social business consultancy that leverages big data, cloud technologies and social strategies to help enterprises create business value.

Our social business consultants, data analysts and technologists have experience guiding Fortune 500 organizations through the complexities of today’s global social media landscape.

We have extensive expertise working in a multiple number of industries, including: retail; CPG; consumer electronics; beauty and fashion; automobile; media and entertainment; financial services; pharma and healthcare; travel and leisure, technology; and telecommunication.

Why Choose Us?

  • Social Analytics

    We help you measure and optimize the social effectiveness of your traditional, digital and social campaigns
  • Technology Deployment

    Our technology consultants help you select, deploy and integrate the right social technology solutions
  • Social Media Training

    We provide your team with the skills necessary to manage the complexity and speed of social media

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